A Somerville Appointed as Distributor of Savience CareExpress for Radiology

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For over 20 years A Somerville Ltd has been providing radiology products and services to healthcare professionals across the UK and Savience are delighted to announce the appointment of A Somerville as the Distributor of Savience’s CareExpress solution for Radiology.

With a background in both clinical and academic diagnostic radiography Cadogan, along with his team at A Somerville, have worked tirelessly with customers across the UK providing advice on technology in many areas of radiology and more recently in the provision of veterinary, dental, chiropractics and osteopathy products and services.

Savience solutions support the flow of appropriate key data sets between Hospital Information Systems and the Savience kiosks. They are deployed across the NHS and private sector in hospitals, GP surgeries and specialist practitioner surgeries ensuring optimum flows for patients incorporating multi-media displays and mobile applications.

Now the expertise Savience has developed in outpatient areas and GP surgeries is being applied to radiology with the Savience CareExpress, uniquely identifying the patient and directing them to the correct service or department without the necessity for staff intervention.

Commenting on the appointment of A Somerville as a partner, Roger Everitt, owner and MD of Savience said, “We were looking for a company with a good knowledge base and importantly a great understanding of radiology patient workflow; one that was used to working with some innovative technology and had a natural affinity with hospital staff and the problems associated with patient flow. Richard Cadogan and his team met our requirements and standards perfectly and we are looking forward to developing a strong business together”.

Responding Richard Cadogan said, “I am delighted that Savience selected my company for this important opportunity – the product is exciting and dynamic and has a natural fit with our other radiology products we support so we can immediately see the opportunity that exists in almost every hospital with this product and its capabilities. I am sure that together our organisations can provide radiology departments with the benefits that are all too familiar to outpatient clinics and GP surgeries of having a dedicated feature-rich technology to manage patient flows”.

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