Savience extends reach to Canada

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Savience’s international ambitions were boosted in 2015 with a contract with Quinte Healthcare Corporation for a patient check-in system to improve patient flows at the 206-bed Belleville General Hospital in Ontario.

Completed in July 2015, the solution is employed across the hospital’s diagnostic imaging and registration departments in what is a challenging and complex environment. The investment is paying off and helped meet some ambitious requirements, including:

  • Exhibit a modern image
  • Better use of resources
  • Reduce queues and enhance patient experience
  • Provide way finding capability across a complex building
  • Management information
  • Patient empowerment

Installed in just three months, the solution includes four self-service check-in kiosks and the company’s Patient Check-in and Clarity modules, which are interfaced to the hospital’s Meditech Magic hospital information system (HIS).

It gives patients the option to check-in manually or by swiping their Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP) card with online authorisation from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The system similarly caters for patients under other schemes, such as First Nations Insurance, and military or self-paying.

Patients are invited to update their address, phone number, marital status, religion, and next of kin contact details using the kiosks ensuring records remain current. The solution uses Canada Post postal address files to validate addresses ensuring high levels of data integrity.

Kiosks also display the family physician on file from Meditech and the patient is asked to confirm if this is correct or not. If the patient is visiting following an accident there is an option to collect the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claim number.

A real-time bi-directional HL7 interface links the Meditech and Savience systems at Belleville. The Clarity module receives details from Meditech the day before the scheduled appointment. But, this is then refreshed automatically every five minutes so any additions, cancellations or updates are continually reflected in Clarity. Similarly Clarity updates the HIS with demographic changes and an arrival message ‘registers’ the patient in Meditech.

About the Client

Quinte Health Care provides a wide range of high quality health care services to 160,000 people living in the diverse region of Prince Edward and Hastings Counties and the southeast portion of Northumberland County. Care is provided through four hospitals – QHC Belleville General Hospital, QHC North Hastings Hospital, QHC Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital and QHC Trenton Memorial Hospital – and includes four emergency departments, operating rooms at three sites, a rehabilitation day hospital, children’s treatment centre, ambulatory care clinics, community mental health programs and a range of diagnostic services. There are inpatient beds for acute medical patients, intensive care, obstetrics, paediatrics, mental health, complex continuing care, rehabilitation and surgery.

Savience technology:

  • Patient Check-in
  • Clarity

Building Brilliance.

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Savience in action

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