Savience solves multi-site conundrum in Northern Ireland

A key demand of a patient flow solution is to give multi-site and geographically dispersed healthcare providers a single, unified view of patient activity.

A prime example is South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, which provides primary and secondary services across nine sites. Savience Assure was first installed in 2010 at Downe Community Hospital’s outpatient department but has since been rolled out at a further eight outpatient, community and emergency departments at Ulster, Bangor, Lagan Valley, and Ards. The most recent implementations in 2015 were at Ulster Hospital’s emergency department, Ulster Community and Downe Community.

The whole system runs on a single server with comprehensive interfacing and messaging capabilities connecting Savience Assure with the trust’s hospital information and community systems. Bi-directional data feeds ensure a consistent view of patient and appointment details across all sites.

Multi-site operations offering secondary, primary and community care services are a common feature in Northern Ireland. All five of the country’s health and social care trusts employ Savience technology to manage patient check-in and flows.

The full list of current implementations at South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust are:

  • Lagan Valley Outpatient Department
  • Downe Outpatient Department
  • Downe Community
  • Bangor Outpatient Department
  • Ards Outpatient Department
  • Ards Community
  • Ulster Outpatient Department Outpatient Department
  • Ulster Community
  • Ulster Emergency Department

About the Trust

South Eastern is one of five health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland. The trust provides secondary care, emergency services, GP and primary and community care to people across a wide geographic area encompassing County Down and Ulster.

Savience technology:

  • Savience Assure

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