Savience is an established company supplying innovative products and solutions to the NHS since 1990. It has a long history of working in areas to relieve “patient bottlenecks” and its renowned Savience Assure is the system of choice for many Trusts in the UK today.

Savience solutions support the flow of appropriate key data sets between Hospital Information Systems and the Savience self registration solutions.

Savience expertise has been developed in outpatient areas and GP surgeries and is now being applied to radiology with the Savience CareExpress, uniquely identifying the patient and directing them to the correct department or clinic without the necessity for staff intervention.

Savience self service registration devices are deployed across the NHS and private sector in practitioner surgeries and many outpatient departments ensuring optimum flows for patients incorporating multi-media displays and mobile applications. The multi-media screens also aim to keep patients fully informed about clinic running times and clinicians can use the screens to send call messages to patients knowing they have just checked in – privacy is ensured through unique numbers for patient calling.

CareExpress workflows also enable patients without appointments to order one using the abilities of the Radiology Information System once they are presented with a menu of exam choices that have already been identified as necessary for their specific patient needs.

All this provides for better patient flow through the department thereby easing admissions, enhancing patient care and reducing the impact on services when patients arrive. At the same time ensuring that existing orders are perfectly matched with the patient identifiers – if they are not then the patient is directed to a reception desk to resolve the query.

Roger Everitt, owner and MD of Savience said, “We have been considering the radiology market place for some time and a number of our outpatient customers have asked us to look at the clear problems and bottlenecks that can occur in radiology with the number of different examinations and rooms with specialist equipment that are often confusing for patients”.

“The queue-busting capabilities are almost endless and the beauty of our kiosks is that they are personalised to the exact needs of the department. Being tailor-made, the benefits that accrue are both significant and realisable. Our vendor neutral stance with PAS, HIS and RIS/ PACS manufacturers means we can find the best pathway to meet the hospital / department requirements and ensures seamless integration”, he added.

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