Peel Go Live

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Constructed on the site of the original Peel Hospital, the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness provides the residents of Brampton and surrounding communities with a new health facility and easy access to a wide variety of traditional and alternative health care services.

The Savience installation incorporates 6 floor mount touch screen kiosks. Each kiosk is linked to the Ministry of Health so that the Ontario Health Card details can be validated as part of the registration process. The patient receives a ticket from the kiosk that confirms both their appointment details and their arrival. The ticket shows detailed directions to their clinic room or waiting areas.

The patient call system is an integral part of the clinical and registration team’s dashboard. Messages sent from the dashboard to the waiting areas call patients forward to the next stage of their appointment.

System integration is delivered by a mixture of HL7 and scripting. The Hospital appointment systems, MSM and OR Manager deliver appointment details using HL7, the registration system from Meditech is updated using scripting.

Peel Memorial OPD

Building Brilliance.

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Savience in action

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