Patient reminder service

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Savience’s patient reminder service has been launched in Ontario. Using SMS, voice and email reminders linked to Clarity 2018, the services have been introduced to patients within the William Osler Health System and at Lennox and Addington Hospital, Napanee.

Clarity 2018 has been introduced by Savience as a major upgrade to their core Clarity system, specifically to support the mobile platforms at the heart of the Savience product set.

Clarity 2018 enables past, current and future appointments to be viewed by users, and the status of the patient reminders to be monitored – when they are due to be sent and when they have been sent.

Clarity 2018 also allows patient portal or smartphone app activity to be monitored and gives a complete view of the patients that use those products and have indicated they are not planning to attend or instead require a new appointment date. Clarity 2018 allows reminders to be tailored down to the individual clinic, and includes full reporting of the sending of reminders.

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Savience in action

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