Trust makes ‘checking-in’ easier with barcode scanners

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Patients attending the Southern Health and Social Care Trust for appointments are now able to check themselves in, even easier, at the self check-in kiosks with the introduction of new barcode scanners. 

The kiosks are installed in the Outpatient Departments of Daisy Hill, South Tyrone and Craigavon Area Hospitals as well as Armagh Community Hospital and Banbridge Polyclinic.

Patients are already seeing the benefits as Anita Carroll, Southern Trust Assistant Director of Acute Services explains:

“This new barcode technology will reduce the time patients have to wait to book in for their appointment as they won’t have to queue to see a receptionist or key in personal information on the kiosks themselves.

The kiosks are very straightforward to use and are equipped with built-in printers, which will print off a ticket with the patient’s call number, appointment time and location and receptionists are still on hand if you need any further help.”

Garry McCabe, receptionist at Daisy Hill Hospital Outpatient Department said: “The new barcode scanners are very helpful, not only are they quicker to use compared to previously keying in information, they are an aid for those who struggle with technology, all patients now have to do is scan their appointment letter – it’s fantastic!”

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