Ashford and St Peters Hospital Surrey – DXC Clinicom PAS

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The project was initiated in October 2013 and reached full go live in January 2014.

There are on average 30,000 outpatient attendances per month, with up to 500 patients attending per half day/per area, across multiple clinic areas at both Ashford and St Peters Hospitals.

The system recently expanded into Woking Community hospital facilitating reception teams exclusive access to Clarity to assist with the flow of their patients.


The Savience Check-in, Clarity and Clarion modules have been deployed across all outpatient departments covered by Ashford and St Peters Hospitals.

Ashford and St Peters are separate hospitals, sharing 1 network and 1 PAS, but on different sites. St Peters hospital, Chertsey is the larger of the 2 hospitals and the system has been installed in 7 separate locations across the estate.

In July 2017, the system was extended to allow patients arriving at Woking Community Hospital to enable the reception team to view the patients on Clarity and use the Clarion call system Check in is supported for outpatient appointments on both the PAS and the Radiology systems. 19 kiosks have been installed along with 15 patient information and call screens. Currently the system supports 125 concurrent users.

The deployment was delivered in 6 distinct phases over a 3-month period from October to December 2013. The final part, the link to the Radiology system was completed in January 2014. A real-time bi-directional HL7 interface has been implemented at Ashford and St Peters to link the hospital’s Clinicom Patient Administration System (PAS) with the Savience modules.

A further HL7 interface has been introduced to link the HSS RIS (radiology) system with Savience. These interfaces ensure that any patient arriving for an appointment can use any of the kiosks and will be directed to the correct location. The arrival message will be sent back to the appropriate system, PAS or RIS.

Similarly, any changes made in the PAS, for example to appointment times, are immediately reflected in the Savience system to ensure the data is up-to-date when the patient arrives. 


For further information
Julian Rolls
Chertsey House
Health Informatics, St Peter’s Hospital
Guildford Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 0PZ

Tel: 01932 723669

The system has been designed to meet the trust requirements, namely:

• Modern image
• Better use of resources
• Reduce queues and enhance patient experience
• Upgradable
• Multi-function solution, surveys, call and pathfinder
• Management information
• CQC compliance
• Patient empowerment

Building Brilliance.

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Savience in action

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