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The project went live in April 2017 with kiosks operational from mid-November 2017.


In 2017, George Eliot Hospital, a busy District General Hospital NHS Trust in the Midlands, deployed the Savience Patient Check-in, Clarity and Clarion modules in its main Outpatients and Therapies department. The core aim is to cut queues, improve efficiencies and reduce the overall administrative burden on nurses and receptionists. In a typical year, the Trust manages around 235,000 Outpatient and Therapy appointments.

In total, 7 touch screen kiosks have been installed as part of Savience Check-in solution to support patient arrivals, 5 in main Outpatients and 2 in Therapies. In addition, Savience Clarion has been introduced on a range of large format display screens. These screens display the call messages in the waiting areas which request the patients to go to their clinic or treatment room.

Patient information services share the screens along with streamed TV services.

The Trust have calculated that the solution has paid for itself within 18 months of go-live.

Digital booking, patient tracking and outcomes will support the following GEH corporate objectives:

  • Constantly deliver safe high-quality care
  • Enhance patient experience by providing local care tailored to the individual needs of the patient
  • Maintain financial stability, hit all agreed targets and satisfy our regulators.

Digital Outpatients solutions will also support the following of the Trust’s clinical strategy key themes:

  • Ongoing improvements to the quality and efficiency of the core acute services. Transformation and redesign of services is critical to this success.

Key benefits:

Reducing reliance on administration staff:

  • Significant budgetary saving per annum – ongoing
  • Mitigate against staff shortages due to sickness absence etc.
  • Support longer opening hours of outpatient areas without the need to recruit
  • Current vacancies within the department meant redudancies were not required

In the future clinic outcomes will be completed in real-time as patients leave:

  • No missed activity, therefore income opportunities are fully exploited
  • In the event of Lorenzo outage the Savience software can still capture the arrrival messages and outcomes so there would be no requirements to clear a backlog that happens currently when Lorenzo is down

In the future the system will allow the measurement of clinic utilisation and Consultant productivity:

  • Identify Consultant productivity and allows for comparison within specialties
  • Improvement of patient experience and reputation by identification of clinics that are consistently delayed so the template can be revised
  • Reduction of waiting list initiatives by ensuring regular scheduled clinics are better utilised


Jane Wright
George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, Operational Manager – Directorate of Clinical Support Services

Tel: 07900 228980 | 02476 865552

Download the George Eliot Hospital case study here

Key issues the Trust were looking to resolve:

  • Secure and fast method to capture the patient outcome and receive correct funding for the activity
  • Reduce reliance on reception staffing with patient self-service options
  • Effective way to locate and call patients
  • Tracking patients through the department to measure time spent with nurses/consultants and identify bottle necks in the clinic process

These fit within the Trust’s strategic objectives of:

Implementing a digital booking, patient tracking and outcomes solution supports the following elements of the Trust’s clinical priorities:

  • Develop and implement better use of data and technology to reduce costs, whilst improving and transforming the quality of service outcomes
  • Increase elective activity and enhance theatre and outpatient efficiency
  • Continue to provide and develop high quality local general acute care services

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Savience in action

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