William Osler Health System rolls out Savience Clarity into Etobicoke General Hospital.

Etobicoke General Hospital, part of the William Osler Health System is undergoing a major transformation

Alongside the existing hospital building, a new four-storey patient tower is reaching its completion date of spring 2019.  And, just across from the new tower, construction on the six-storey Etobicoke Wellness Centre has now finished and the building is being readied for handover.

The two buildings will deliver state-of-the-art facilities and the extra space needed to provide the local community with world-class patient care.

Mirroring the successful deployment of Savience Clarity into the newly opened Peel Memorial Hospital in late 2016, Savience check-in kiosks and patient information call screens are being introduced as part of this major venture. The initial deployment will be with 4 kiosks in the Etobicoke Wellness Centre, with another 4 units being installed in the Patient Tower in early 2019.

Each kiosk is linked to the Ministry of Health so that the Ontario Health Card details can be validated as part of the registration process. The patient receives a ticket from the kiosk that confirms both their appointment details and their arrival. The ticket shows detailed directions to their clinic room or waiting areas.

The patient call system is an integral part of the clinical and registration team’s dashboard. Messages sent from the dashboard to the waiting areas call patients forward to the next stage of their appointment.

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