Canadian hospital pioneers appointment reminders to cut no shows

In 2018, the Lennox and Addington County General Hospital in Ontario was the first customer to go live with Savience’s appointment reminder service, which is shown to dramatically cut the number of missed appointments or ‘no shows’.

The Lennox team was instrumental in the design of the service and has become a key development partner. The privacy and consent modules now embedded in Savience Clarity were developed here, with many hospitals worldwide now reaping the benefits of this work.

Savience’s solution was first installed at the 52-bed hospital in 2017 in just three months. The emergency department is open 24 hours a day and sees 26,000 patients a year. The hospital has installed three floor mounted kiosks for patients to check in by swiping their Ontario health card. If patients are using the kiosk in the emergency department they are asked to enter details of their injury or ailment. Patients are then directed to a waiting area. 

The waiting area is not attended. The Savience solution is integrated with the Meditech hospital information system, so patient details are instantly displayed on the emergency department tracker board, negating the need for nurses to continually check the waiting room.

As the building is complex, wayfinding was a major concern. To remedy this, the system prints an arrival ticket complete with directions, which has significantly improved the patient experience and reduced the time staff spend having to direct patients.

The result is a smoother patient journey and more time for direct patient care.

Lennox and Addington County General Hospital

The Lennox and Addington County General Hospital at Napanee in South Eastern Ontario provides general medicine and general surgery services, with the range of clinics continually expanding as the hospital grows.

The hospital currently has 52 beds: 24 active care, two palliative care, four intensive care and 22 long-term care convalescent care beds for rehabilitation. Outpatient clinics include gynaecology, general surgery, orthopaedics, urology, plastic surgery, paediatrics and internal medicine.

It also offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services with a well-equipped laboratory and diagnostic imaging department.

There are currently 270 staff, including family physicians and specialists in emergency medicine and anaesthesia, general surgeons, radiologists, and visiting consultants.

Savience technology at Lennox and Addington

Savience is known largely for its patient check-in kiosks, but its technology goes far beyond that and includes queuing displays and wayfinding screens, printed directions, plus text, voice and email appointment reminders. There is also an online portal for patients to update demographic details and preferences or make, change and cancel appointments. Another plus is the Savience solution is linked to the group’s Meditech hospital information system to update all registration information automatically, ensuring patient records are current and accurate.

The Savience applications employed include:

  • Clarity – for tracking patient flows through clinics
  • Check-in
  • CareExpress Lite
  • Reminder service
  • Clarion – for patient calling
  • Connect – for integration with the hospital information system
  • Patient Portal, convey mobile app
  • Boston Workstation

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