Queues cut at Galway

Queues in outpatients have all but disappeared at Galway University Hospitals with the introduction of patient check-in technology from Savience.

Patients check in for appointments using now familiar touch screen kiosks and receive a printed ticket confirming the appointment details with precise directions to the clinic and waiting area. Receptionists are free to assist people that genuinely need help, while nurses now spend more time delivering care and less time rounding up patients.

Integrated with the hospital’s electronic patient record and clinical dashboards, the solution is continually exchanging lives updates to give staff an exact picture of workflow and demand. Messages are sent from the dashboard to screens in the waiting areas to call patients forward for their appointment. Waiting times are also displayed in real time, keeping patients informed of possible delays and reducing frustration.

There has also been a marked improvement in patient flows with a smooth, orderly stream of people even during sudden peaks in demand. This was a priority at Galway as outpatients is spread across three floors making it particularly difficult to find patients and direct them to the right clinic.

In common with other implementations, Galway has also witnessed a reduction in its ‘did-not-attend’ (DNA) rates, which represents a major saving. At check-in, people have the opportunity to check and update their demographic details, so appointment letters are not being sent to old addresses or text reminders sent to outdated numbers.

Galway University Hospital

Galway university hospital delivers emergency, elective and outpatient services at University Hospital Galway and Merlin Park University Hospital.

Serving a population of almost one million people between Donegal and Tipperary, it provides a wide range of specialties and is a designated supra-regional center for cancer and cardiac services. A Model 4 hospital, University Hospital Galway provides 24/7 acute surgery, acute medicine, and critical care.

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