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Canada has quickly emerged as a key market for Savience buoyed by a thirst for innovation and readiness to embrace technology that is shown to drive improvements in efficiency, care quality and patient satisfaction.

With its roots in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Savience’s business is about transforming business and organisational processes through digital technology. Its digital applications are perfectly suited to Canada’s healthcare landscape, including many of the current initiatives to connect care teams and patients, as well as the increasing practice of patients taking ownership of their care.

Its technology can also underpin the Ontario government’s plans to introduce health teams and build a connected health care system centred around patients. Ontario Health Teams will provide a new way of organizing and delivering services in local communities, with healthcare providers working as one coordinated team irrespective of where the care is provided.

Properly connected care depends on good communication, between teams as well as between patients and caregivers. Amid the current upsurge in digital technology, patients will play a more proactive role in their own care. With this in mind, Savience is continually developing digital innovations to meet these new challenges.

These are just some of the products currently available:

Convey App

Smartphones are set to be the number one device for booking tickets, travel and appointments, including healthcare appointments.

Research shows people want the flexibility of a mobile app to manage appointments, including being able to check-in for hospital appointments. A mobile-friendly version of Savience’s online booking system, the Convey App is simple to use, giving patients instant access, instant communication and flexibility to change appointments on the go.

Changes are instantly reflected in the app and patient record systems. It supports multiple hospitals and clinics. The simpler check-in process reduces the wait at reception, so improving the patient experience, conveys a positive image of the hospital as one that is forward thinking and embraces technology to improve care standards and outcomes.

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Patient Portal

Patient portals are hugely effective in getting people involved and informed about their health and engaging with care providers. Research consistently shows that with easy access to their health data, people willingly take ownership of their health.

A reduction in the number of missed appointments or ‘no shows’, is seen as the biggest benefit as patients have the tools to actively manage appointments, via a PC, tablet or smartphone. They can check in, cancel or reschedule appointments, amend demographics and read and reply to messages. Portals are an excellent tool to give patients access to their health information, increase their self-confidence and promote patient participation.

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Reminder Service

The main reason people miss appointments is they simply forget, so a text or email reminder of an appointment reduces the number of no shows, saving money. Uniquely hospitals can check patient responses to reminders and revise its plans if appropriate. Early warning of a cancellation gives hospitals time to reorganise and reassign resources or fill the vacant slot so reducing waiting lists.

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Digital Letters app

The Digital Letters app is an alternative to traditional print and post that will shred the cost of hospital appointment letters.

With this Savience app, appointment letters are sent directly to a patient’s smartphone, tablet or laptop, avoiding the printing, admin and postage costs and inevitable delay.

It’s instant, 100% reliable and can be tracked. If the letter has not been opened after a certain time or after a reminder, then a hard copy can be posted.

Digital Letters is an extension of the company’s product set for appointment management. These provide a digital pathway to guide and smooth the entire health journey not only for patients, but also for doctors, nurses and other care staff.

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Complete Clarity

One innovation that sets Savience apart is its Clarity integration engine and patient and appointment database. This gives up-to-the-minute appointment details, instantly reflecting updates from the hospital or patient system, check-in kiosks, appointment apps and portal.

Clarity avoids the massive integration project required to hardwire new digital applications into existing IT infrastructure, so avoids the associated project costs, inevitable delay, and risk.

Building Brilliance.

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