RVH partners with Savience to transform patient care

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September 2019 Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) located in Barrie, Ontario has entered into a partnership with technology provider, Savience, for a host of digital services to transform outpatient services and improve patient satisfaction. The technology, which includes self-registration kiosks, clinical dashboards, wayfinding boards, reminder services, a patient portal and mobile apps will be installed incrementally with the first kiosks planned for early 2020.

“At RVH, we are committed to improving the patient’s experience any way we can,” says Matthew Lawson, RVH chief performance officer. “Through this investment, we are able to streamline many of the processes for outpatient departments, the cancer centre and regional clinics. Our health centre continually faces a continued growth in demand with limited resources so this investment is crucial to saving valuable time for patients.”

While RVH is not the first hospital in the province to adopt this technology, Roger Everitt, Savience’s managing director says RVH is a landmark deal for the company.

The results at other hospitals in the province were instrumental in RVH’s decision to partner with Savience. Line-ups at outpatient registrations at William Osler Health System’s three sites have gone, with patients instead using kiosks or checking in online. Check-in times have been cut from five minutes to an average of 70 seconds.

“This system will save clerical and nursing time having to search for patients, allowing them more time for direct patient care,” adds Lawson. “Seamless workflows will benefit staff and make for a better patient experience including the ability to text and email appointment reminders which may reduce missed appointments.”

As with other sites, Savience’s technology will be integrated with RVH’s existing Hospital Information System (Meditech) allowing for instant updates and accurate, real time visibility of patients and workloads through clinical dashboards.

Tectonic, a key Savience partner in Canada, will have a pivotal role in the project providing a constant onsite presence throughout.

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Savience in action

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