Savience moves forward to enhance outpatient solutions at William Osler Health System

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September 2019 – Savience’s contract with William Osler Health System (Osler) for appointment management technology which was signed in 2016; has reached its Phase 3 to include Osler’s Brampton Civic Hospital under a strategy to transform outpatient services across Osler’s three sites.

The move follows significant improvements seen at Osler’s Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness and Etobicoke General Hospital. The technology has had a dramatic impact on queues and registration line-ups in outpatient departments and reduced registration times from 4-5 minutes to just 70 seconds, enabling staff to address value-added tasks associated with their role.

This new phase will see self-service check-in kiosks at clinics at Brampton Civic, plus wayfinding and call screens, appointment reminders, as well as dashboards giving clinicians complete visibility of workflows. Savience’s solution is integrated with Meditech, the hospital’s electronic information system for instant updates on arrivals.

Mary Jane McNally, Osler’s Chief Patient Experience Officer, says the technology has had a marked improvement on patient experience.

“A simple and fast registration process has helped improve patient empowerment and activation, as patients are feeling more confident to self-manage and navigate the system of care,” she said. “Automated voice, text and email reminders enhance the pre-appointment experience and have reduced appointment no-shows.

“Staff have also welcomed the improvements. All clinicians have a clearer picture of their workload to track patients and plan their clinical workflow, meaning a more efficient service, seamless workflow and improved patient partnership,” McNally added.

‘Shortly we are introducing a smartphone app for patients to check-in at home, on arrival or on their way to the hospital to further reduce delays and improve the patient experience.”

The latest phase at Brampton Civic follows an initial implementation at Peel Memorial in 2017 and subsequent rollouts across Etobicoke General Hospital.

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Chief Information Officer at Osler, James Moolecherry, added: “We see the relationship with Savience developing into a valuable strategic partnership in which we jointly focus on digital initiatives that will drive further improvements in efficiency, patient satisfaction and care quality.’ Osler is one of Canada’s largest community hospital systems, employing 6,000 staff and serving a population of more than 1.3 million people. William Osler Health System is located in the Central West Ontario and serves as a teaching hospital for the Michael G DeGroote School of Medicine of McMaster University. It is proud to provide 300,000 emergency patient visits and 450,000 ambulatory care visits annually.

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