Restarting, recovery and re-imagining

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If there are any positives to emerge from the COVID pandemic, then surely the adoption of digital technologies by healthcare providers should be seen as one of the most significant.

For years, we have all heard the promises that change was coming, but it always felt too cautious, too timid, and too slow. Patients, more so than suppliers, have been leading the calls for modernisation and a fundamental shake up of the way they interact with their care providers.

COVID-19 sure did bring an end to the old ways of working.

But now the question is, how do we keep that momentum and use it as a force for good? How do we provide our patients with the functionality and solutions they are demanding? This has to be the moment when patients are given the ability to better manage and take greater responsibility for their own care – for patient-centric mobile solutions to become commonplace.

Pre-pandemic, Savience was viewed as a respected provider of self-check-in hardware solutions.

Patients attending either the emergency or outpatient’s department could avail themselves of a kiosk, through which they could check in for an existing appointment or register and self-triage in an unplanned care scenario.

Within days of the global crisis taking hold, we at Savience realised we had a responsibility – and capability – to work with our customers (both new and old and from both North America and the UK and Ireland) to design and deliver brand new innovative software solutions, and to do so very rapidly. Solutions specifically created (sometimes in a matter of just a few days) in response to the new challenges facing hospitals and patients.

Over the coming weeks we will share more information and insights into our work to date and explain in more detail how we have helped a significant number of customers in what has unquestionably been the most difficult of situations. We are of course, extremely proud of our team and the contribution we have made in these unprecedented times, and we look forward with relish to what the future may bring.

Over the past 18 months we have developed offerings across many areas, but three themes emerged

  1. Mobile check-in. The Convey app allows patients to manage their own appointments whilst also supporting socially distanced, contact-less patient flow and check-in at healthcare facilities.
  2. Virtual care. An integrated video consultation platform that sits on top of existing booking systems, giving patients and healthcare professionals greater flexibility.
  3. Online self-booking. Patients are now able to go online and very easily, book their own appointments, be that for a COVID test or vaccination etc. or with an ED clinician via a virtual consult.

Building Brilliance.

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Savience in action

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