Savience attains virtual care verification with Ontario Health

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Savience’s Virtual Care solution has been awarded verified status by Ontario Health’s Virtual Visits Verification program.

After a comprehensive and in-depth self-attestation process, we are delighted to be included in the province’s list of approved virtual care suppliers. For full details please visit

To assist health service providers in the selection of virtual care solutions appropriate for clinical use, Ontario Health has established a provincial standard and it is against this standard that we have been successfully verified.

Savience’s Virtual Care is a web-based solution that enables clinicians to conduct virtual consultations with their patients and provides seamless integration with all leading EMRs and clinical systems.

The module will link to all commonly used video conferencing platforms and offers the following key features: eligibility and pre-qualification; appointment booking; secure PIN enrolment; the ability to start, stop, and pause an appointment; a virtual waiting room; chat functionality; and scheduling of follow-up appointments.

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Savience in action

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