William Osler launches pay at kiosk for patients

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Savience has helped William Osler launches pay at kiosk for patients

The role of registration teams who are responsible for handling patients’ experiences as they move through a hospital is forever evolving. At William Osler Health System, this meant that managing payments was becoming an increasingly demanding task.

In response, they approached Savience with the problem and together we identified one possible solution: self-check-in at the kiosks already in place. Together, we created a single user interface on the kiosk. Now, patients can choose to check-in or to pay invoices.

The payment process, crucially supporting both credit and Interac debit payments, makes use of a card reader integrated into each kiosk terminal. Patients are prompted to tap, swipe, or insert their credit or debit cards just like you would at a retail store.

Integral to the success of this endeavour was obtaining accreditation from Tender Retail and Global Pay. For this to happen, Savience demonstrated that the connection between the kiosk, Tender Retail, and Global Pay was both robust, secure and in-line with industry standards—and it got our goal!

The patient is identified just as he or she would be for an appointment: by their health card number. They’re asked to input how much they want to pay (minimum and maximum transaction limits can be set) and can choose whether they want a receipt.

On screen prompts guide the patient through the payment process. When payment is confirmed a receipt slip is printed, just as in any retail checkout.

Transactions are logged securely on the hospital’s server where a daily summary is automatically generated for the finance department to review. The reference for each transaction is based on the patient’s health card number. This will show up on any financial reports or statements the hospital receives from their bank.

Christine Calleja, Manager, Corporate Registration at William Osler said “Our patients really appreciate the convenience and flexibility of being able to make payments at our payment kiosks. Likewise, with less patients coming to register desks to pay, we are now more capable of giving our undivided attention to those who may need it.”

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