A new dimension for patient reminders

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The Savience Appointment Reminders Service has been successfully adopted across a wide number of our hospital customers and each month hundreds of thousands of important appointment reminder messages are sent to patients.

The appointment reminder service is primarily to help reduce no show rates. This is critical, as clinical services ramp up to tackle the pandemic induced backlogs.

The flexibility of our appointment reminder service means it can be configured to support a multitude of different scenarios. This includes pre and post appointment conditions. We utilise the inherent capabilities of email, SMS, and voice channels to provide tailored messaging that is relevant and pertinent to differing identified patient cohorts.

Cancellation Appointment Reminder Service

Unfortunately, medical appointments and clinics get cancelled. It is inconvenient, but inevitable. One of our high-volume hospital clients asked for help with this scenario. They asked us to help solve their problem; “How could we notify patients of the cancelled clinic, in time to prevent them arriving at the hospital?”

As a result, Savience has developed a new option – Cancellation Reminders.

When a clinic or appointment is cancelled in the EMR the reminders service is triggered and can now send a clinic specific notification to the patient, advising them appropriately and preventing unnecessary attendances.

This new feature is available to all our reminders customers, so please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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