Humber Upgrade the Patient Experience

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One of Savience’s key strategic partners, Humber River Hospital, are the latest to have upgraded Convey.

Upgraded Patient Experience is now available in the new version of the popular Savience self-check-in app. There are several significant new features, all designed to provided upgraded patient experience and crucially, improve patient engagement.

What’s new in the Upgraded Patient Experience?

Improved Bailout information and alerts If a patient is unable to complete their registration successfully, Convey now provides significantly more information on why that’s happened thanks to the expansion of the bailout functionality.

The patient is alerted through the app (as part of the checking in process) whilst the clinic and registration team also receive updates so they’re ready to deal with the patient accordingly.

It’s now possible to configure bespoke alerts for the following bailout scenarios:

  • ILI Questions
  • Invalid HC Number
  • Incorrect Demographic Data
  • Falls Risk
  • WSIB
Figure 1. An example of a bailout arising from an invalid health card

Clinic information

Using the Convey Configurator, each individual clinic can now set up and manage their own specific information relevant to their area e.g., clinic prep notes or other important patient advice. This is available to Convey users by tapping the Clinic Info button next to their appointment (see below).

Figure 2. Screenshot of an example appointment in Convey with the new Clinic Info button.
Figure 3. An example of the clinic specific information that can now be made available to Convey users.

Check-in notifications

Remind Convey users to use the app to check-in for their appointments using this handy and configurable notification. Simply set the timing and the in-app message to be displayed via the configurator tool.

Figure 4. Example of a Convey in-app notification reminding patients to check-in.

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Humber Upgrade the Patient Experience

One of Savience’s key strategic partners, Humber River Hospital, are the latest to have upgraded Convey.

3 min read