Sperrin Unit at North West Cancer Centre Integrates Electronic Clinic Outcome Forms

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We are delighted to announce that the Sperrin Unit, an integral part of the North West Cancer Centre at Altnagelvin Hospital in Northern Ireland, has successfully gone live with electronic Clinic Outcome Forms (eCOFs). This upgrade promises to bring significant improvements in patient care within cancer treatment settings.

Elevating Healthcare through Digital Transformation

The transition from paper-based documentation to eCOFs signifies a major advancement for the department. By digitizing the clinic outcome forms, they’ve not only streamlined administrative processes but have also minimized the risk of data loss and human error. Data collected through the new electronic process is available for reporting purposes and is available to be sent back to the trust’s patient administration system to be held against the respective patient record.

A Collaborative Success

The successful implementation of the electronic forms is a result of collective efforts involving Savience’s development team, healthcare practitioners, and local managers. This collaborative approach ensured the eCOFs are both user-friendly and effective, enhancing the speed and quality of information sharing among the healthcare team.

Putting Patients at the Forefront

The new digital format has been received positively by clinicians, who appreciate the ease of use of the forms, which are presented on screen as patients are managed through their appointment journey via the existing Clarity patient flow dashboard. The flexibility of the solution means that individual clinics can be supported with eCOFs specifically designed to meet their own outcome data requirements.

A Model for Future Implementations

The Sperrin Unit’s success in integrating eCOFs serves as a pioneering model for other departments within the trust, with plans already in place to expand the system.

“We view this as not just a win for the Sperrin Unit but as a leap forward for healthcare as a whole. It aligns perfectly with our mission to continually innovate in the realm of patient flow and care,” said Natalie Burns, Savience’s UK General Manager.

We at Savience celebrate this milestone and look forward to seeing more healthcare institutions adopt such transformative technologies for the betterment of patient care.

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