At Savience we specialise in the design and deployment of mobile and kiosk based self-service registration and patient flow systems in both scheduled and unscheduled care. Ambulatory care is our core focus. Savience Clarity is our core product.

At the heart of the Savience DNA is the will to go the extra mile, to innovate and build brilliance. We listen to what our customers ask of us and we strive to improve both the service and the breadth of the solutions we supply.

Nimble, innovative and highly talented. The Savience team has complete focus on delivering strategic and at times, tactical, solutions to the problems that arise in busy overstretched and often under resourced Ambulatory or Emergency care departments.

In fast-moving, high-volume areas of hospitals, Savience provides a comprehensive solution for patients and hospital staff alike. Unless the flow of people from arrival to departure is managed seamlessly, queues lengthen, staff are stretched – and frustration builds. Working with Savience helps hospitals reduce these frustrations, tackle bottlenecks and deliver high quality, modern and efficient services.

Our capability to integrate with a multitude of different, and often difficult systems, is a key benefit that Savience brings.

More of a solution provider than a system provider, Savience brings a can do, open minded attitude and dogged willingness to succeed in all our ventures, big or small. We have proven to be an excellent partner for any hospital, their staff, partners and above all, their patients.


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The Management Team

Primarily we listen.

We listen to what our customers ask of us and we strive to improve both the service and the breadth of the solutions we supply.

We don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes and similarly don’t expect our customers to compromise with the solutions we deliver. Instead, we adapt our systems to fit their exact needs.

At the heart of the Savience DNA is the will to go the extra mile.

Roger Everitt

Roger Everitt
Managing Director

As MD, Roger has a wide remit with a particular focus on driving sales, forging partnerships with key industry players, and opening up new international markets for Savience, most significantly in Canada.

Roger is a well-known and highly respected industry figure spending his entire career in healthcare computing. He was involved with the early NHS computer projects, primarily the roll out of the national screening programmes working in partnership with the Department of Health.

His commercial career has involved development of innovative solutions for all areas of healthcare. Focussing on building successful companies, his key focus has been within both primary and secondary care settings.

Joining Savience as Managing Director in 2006, he renewed the long-term business relationship with fellow directors and co-owners Kevin Murrell and Hilary Kerr.

By focusing on delivering innovative and robust products, Roger has led the team which has guided Savience to its position today.

Being best mates with a young black Labrador occupies most non-working hours tramping across field and fen. When he can tear himself away, Roger is an avid motorsport fan, a keen, but creaky, golfer, lover of anything to do with good food, connoisseur of Belgian beers and a long-suffering Luton Town FC supporter.

Hilary Kerr

Hilary Kerr
Operations Director

Hilary has a wealth of broad-based healthcare experience. Skills developed on the NHS frontline in primary care have served her well through her various roles as trainer, administrator, manager, and leader of project teams.

Known for her unflappable temperament and sharp analytical skills, she has worked with several commercial organisations, within both primary and acute sectors. When Savience was relaunched in 2006, she was the obvious choice to head up the delivery arm as Operations Director.

Her in-depth detailed knowledge of the Savience solutions is invaluable. Key attributes that provide significant support across the organisation from presales activity throughout the delivery cycle to solution go live Hilary is described by her co-owners as ‘the glue that holds everything together’ she is ultimately responsible for orchestrating delivery of the company’s solutions, with direct responsibility for the support, project, and account management teams.

Living in rural Gloucestershire, Hilary finds time to care for her extensive garden, look after her two elderly cats and act as village hall booking clerk. Swimming a kilometre each morning, cycling and golf all helps to keep the brain cells flourishing.

Kevin Murrell

Kevin Murrell
Technical Director

Kevin founded Savience in 2001 after identifying a need for patient check-in and tracking systems at NHS hospitals.

As Savience’s technical director Kevin has overall responsibility for the development of the applications, system software and interfacing. With a real passion for software development and interfacing, Kevin prides himself on being able to connect any computer system with any other.

Separately, Kevin is also the founder of The National Museum of Computing, which opened at Bletchley Park in 2007, has authored several books on the history of computing, and speaks regularly on radio and television. He is a fellow of the British Computer Society and a freeman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

In his spare time, and as a way of avoiding staring at a computer screen, Kevin has a very well-equipped workshop and makes precision model steam engines.

Natalie Burns

Natalie Burns
General Manager

A highly experienced business manager, delivering digital technologies that transform healthcare settings in the UK, Ireland, and Canada.

General manager with responsibility for support, product, and delivery teams. Additionally, fostering long-term relationships with clients and partners forms a huge remit of Natalie’s role here at Savience. 

With a project management background, Natalie has vast project management and implementation experience across Europe and North America. Natalie joined Savience in 2006, coming from a background in healthcare and retail.

In her spare time Natalie enjoys all manner of sport, either watching her children or playing herself. She also regularly takes part in fundraising for the Stroke Association, a charity very close to her heart.

Natalie is also our Data Protection Officer and can be contacted by telephone: +44(0)1604 878510 or email:

Savience in action

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