Clarity acts as the repository for all patient appointment and patient activity data. This can be gathered from a diverse number of clinical and healthcare IT systems, from across the health economy spectrum.

In brief, Clarity is the Savience engine, at the heart of all our solutions, enabling and driving patient flow. Clarity is the cornerstone, the foundation, from which our other modules are supported and integrated into.

Typically, the information feeds we receive are from the healthcare provider’s main patient administration and appointment systems, but we can also take in data from local and regional systems such as those in use in the community.

The Clarity database is very flexible and can support incoming data from ADT messages, departmental systems, spreadsheets, and even ad hoc messages. Clarity fully supports HL7 messaging and is equally happy to take data in from robotic processing automation (RPA) processes, sometimes referred to as scripting.

Clarity builds a master patient index (MPI) of all known current and future hospital and/or community-related appointment activity, giving users easy access to view, manage and communicate with their patients.

In summary, Clarity underpins the following high-level functionality:

  • Patient check-in
  • Patient flow
  • Wayfinding
  • Clarion – patient calling
  • Virtual consultations
  • Clinic outcomes & clinic workflow
  • Convey – Savience’s virtual consultation platform
  • Reminders service
  • Patient messaging
  • Questionnaires
  • Realtime dashboards
  • Reporting database

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The Clarity dashboard

Form design and creation is very simple thanks to an intuitive, web-based survey publication tool. Forms must be easy to use and gather all of the information required. The solution supports multiple forms where necessary, by specialty for example.

The Clarity dashboard offers customisable views of various activities that are relevant to an individual user, department, or speciality. The “at a glance” patient status views have been designed specifically to support healthcare teams, as patients receive care on their patient journey.

The Clarity dashboard can be tailored to individual users’ preferences, including the options to set up custom workflows, activity-driven colour coding, as well as the patient information displayed onscreen.

The underlying Clarity database is the engine for all other related activities e.g. patient messaging, virtual consultations, patient call and clinic outcomes etc.

Users are able to:

  • Filter by day, speciality or clinic
  • Use Clarity as a full registration system
  • View (historical and future) clinic lists of patients attending
  • View patient reminder status
  • View appointment time and arrival time
  • View any Notes associated with each visit
  • See onscreen record of all stages in a patient visit
  • Set up custom views for ad hoc activities or local initiatives
  • View clinician worklists
  • Links to other systems

Savience in action

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