To coincide with the opening of a new Ambulatory Care Centre, Headwaters Hospital in Ontario has installed Savience’s outpatient appointment and patient flow technology as part of its drive to deliver an ‘exceptional experience every time’.

Opened in 2017, the new Ambulatory Care Centre is the first major expansion of the hospital since moving to its current site at Orangeville in 1997. The new wing is home to high-demand clinics, services and programmes such as dialysis, chemotherapy, minor procedures, orthopaedics and plastics.

The Savience order includes three floor mounted kiosks for patient arrival and check in. Its Clarion patient call and infotainment system is also a boost to patient flow. It provides a full multimedia waiting room experience for patients, with large format display screens in each waiting area transmitting health promotion videos, local health initiatives and hospital success stories.

Clarion is also a calling system. Audio-visual messages displayed on the screens are used to call patients to the clinics. The biggest saving here is in nursing time. Automating the call process means nurses are not spending their time searching for patients and chaperoning them to the clinic rooms.

The new system uses a mixture of HL7 messaging and scripting with Boston workstation to connect seamlessly to the hospital’s Meditech electronic medical record.

Headwaters Hospital

A medium-size acute and complex continuing care centre, Headwaters Health Care Centre delivers both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as having a 24-hour emergency department.

To give a sense of scale, the centre has 87 inpatient beds, an annual operating budget of $57m, and employs 580 staff. On average each year it manages 5,300 surgical cases, 38,800 emergency department visits, 5,500 acute inpatient care visits, 12,900 outpatient appointments, and 660 births.

Headwaters is accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada. By offering care closer to home and putting patients first, Headwaters aims to provide an exceptional experience every time.

Headwaters: Where Ontario gets real

This is where both arctic swans and hungry travellers stop on their way home. Where every creek, barn and chicken has a name. Where the evening brings out warm salamanders, cold craft beers and a billion stars. Where mayors bake pies, streams run under houses, and art lovers, hikers, cyclists and wanderers find heaven.

This is Headwaters, a 2,534 square-kilometre patch of genuine Ontario country. Named for being the source of some of Ontario’s biggest rivers, Headwaters is where rugged nature and refined getaways coexist, as do locals, visitors, and even, some say, ghosts and fairies.

Savience in action

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