Savience Ireland was founded in 2020 to provide cutting-edge digital health services and mobile technology solutions to healthcare organisations.

Our long-term relationships with the Health and Safety Executive and supporting national systems have enabled us to deploy our Savience Clarity digital health service platform across wider regions within Ireland.

Mobile technologies have been eagerly embraced by healthcare organisations to support patients through the pandemic and are now in place to support patient flow in locations where space is at a premium.

Savience Digital Health Services in Ireland

At Savience, our digital health services for Ireland include;

In combining these three areas, we can work together with health organisations in Ireland to build a complete digital solution from start to finish.

Our digital health services are easy to use for patient and staff. Our system can be integrated into the current internal system of health organisations.

Our online booking system allows patients to book their own appointments through their mobile phone or any device connected to the internet.

Our mobile check-in system makes it easy for patients to check in to their healthcare facility when they arrive for their appointment. This could be through their mobile phone or a self-check-in kiosk.

Our virtual healthcare system brings patient appointments into the digital age with virtual, video conferencing appointments. This saves time for both the health professional and the patient by minimising travel time.

When combining all aspects of our digital health services, we can create a seamless solution for healthcare providers and their patients.

Our Digital Healthcare Services in Action

See stories below of our digital healthcare services in action – contact us for more information.

Savience in action

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