Digital healthcare solutions in England are becoming more common place than ever. At Savience we are please to have been able to work with various health care providers throughout the UK. We are looking to the future as demand becomes higher.

From modest beginnings working with GP and Dental practices, through to complex, innovative and market-leading solutions for large teaching hospitals, Savience continues to exploit technology to help improve patient flow.

Our next generation of mobile-first solutions will help bring about the step change required across outpatient, emergency department and community systems.

What our Digital Healthcare Solutions in England offer

Some of most popular features of our digital healthcare solutions are;

Online Patient Booking System – allowing patients to make their own appointments online through a booking system which connects to your internal system. This can be accessed on a mobile or through any internet-connected device. 

Mobile Patient Check-in – allowing your patients to check in for their appointment on their mobile phone or through an arrival point. When patients have their location enabled their phone, our system will allow them to check-in when they are within a certain radius of the facility. 

Virtual Healthcare System – modernising the way we conduct appointments through the use of video conferencing technology. This, combined with the online booking system provides a seamless solution for patients. 

Our Digital Healthcare Solutions in Action

See stories below of our digital healthcare solutions in action – contact us for more information.

Savience in action

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