Belfast Trust is the largest integrated health and social care Trust in the United Kingdom, delivering integrated health and social care to approximately 340,000 citizens in Belfast.

The Trust provides the majority of regional specialist services to all of Northern Ireland, has a budget of £1.3bn and a workforce over 20,000 (full time and part time). Belfast Trust also comprises the major teaching and training hospitals in Northern Ireland.

Savience self service solutions were first introduced into the Trust in July 2012, with pilot projects running in Dermatology and the Children’s Hospital.

In late 2014, the solution went live in the Cancer Centre followed by Renal (2016) and the Regional Fertility Centre (2017). Macular, Cardiology and Ante Natal are planned for the next phase.

Savience Solutions

Patients use a mixture of wall and floor mount kiosks to check in patients and then the facilities within Clarion to call patients through to their treatment rooms. Clarity workflows have proven to be particularly successful in both the Cancer and Renal units.

Integration to both local Clinicom PAS systems, installed at the Royal and Victoria Hospitals, is achieved by a mixture of HL7 messaging, real time and overnight batch feeds of appointments. Boston Workstation scripting is installed at the Fertility Centre to update the IDEAS appointment system with live arrivals.


The RFC runs a 7-day service. In addition, clinics are scheduled for an early AM start on weekdays. Introducing self-service has reduced pressures on the RFC, who can now reduce the staffing commitment at reception, as well as delivering a highly tailored and confidential solution.

Introducing the Savience check-in kiosks into the Health and Wellbeing Centres will enable patients attending for any of the services held within the centres to check in for their appointment, irrespective of the backend appointment system in place. Currently at these centres, Savience provides integration into PAS, PARIS (Community) and will shortly be supporting Diabetic Retinopathy patients whose appointments are held on OptoMize.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Savience products currently used at this trust
Savience Connect tick-white
Savience Clarity tick-white
Savience Clarion tick-white
Savience Portal
Text Reminder services
Email Reminders
Patient notifications from Clarity to Portal
Online check in via Portal
Multi-channel patient choice (Surveys/questionnaires)
Interfacing with multiple systems (i.e., PAS/community) tick-white
Supports OHIP Reg. via card reader
Supports check-in via barcode scanner
Check-in via self-service kiosks tick-white
Way finding for patients tick-white
Supports clinic outcomes

Savience in action

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