The Northern Trust is one of five health and social care trusts in Northern Ireland which became operational on 1 April 2007. 

Providing comprehensive range of health and social care services to a population of almost 436,000 people across a geographical area of 1,733 square miles and spanning four new council areas (Antrim and Newtownabbey District, Causeway Coast and Glens District, Mid and East Antrim District and Mid Ulster District), makes it the largest geographical trust in Northern Ireland.

The Trust delivers services from over 150 facilities including two major general hospital sites, a mental health hospital, local community hospitals, health centres, social services, and a significant network of community services as well as provision of care in the home. This includes care to people who live on Rathlin, the only inhabited island in Northern Ireland.

Savience Solutions

Savience is deployed in Antrim Area Hospital, Causeway Hospital in Coleraine and the Braid Valley Community Hospital at Ballymena. Features and benefits at all the above sites include:

  • Patient Call
  • Using tablets for nursing staff to call patients.
  • Has multiple feeds from different PAS suppliers.


  • Patient Check-in speeds up patient arrival into clinics
  • Reporting allows the site to view usage
  • Network access across Community sites
  • Support for Regionally provided services
  • WiFi patient portal

In addition to Outpatient Check-in, Northern Health board also provides a wide range of community clinics. Many of the appointments for these clinics are made on the PAS system, but a wide range of community services are delivered through the Yarra LCID platform. Mental Health clinics are supported on the ePEX system (supplied by EMIS Health)

Savience integration pulls these appointments into one unified database, Clarity, and ensuring that patients attending for an appointment on any background platform and at any location within the Trust, receive the same feature rich arrival experience.

To enhance the service to their patients, Northern Trust are in the process of deploying WiFi Spark to their suite of services in partnership with Savience. This will allow patients to check in for their appointment via a mobile device once inside the hospital reception. Go Live is set to be late 2017.

Northern Health and Social Care Trust
Savience products currently used at this trust
Savience Connect tick-white
Savience Clarity tick-white
Savience Clarion tick-white
Savience Portal
Text Reminder services
Email Reminders
Patient notifications from Clarity to Portal
Online check in via Portal
Multi-channel patient choice (Surveys/questionnaires)
Interfacing with multiple systems (i.e., PAS/community) tick-white
Supports OHIP Reg. via card reader
Supports check-in via barcode scanner
Check-in via self-service kiosks tick-white
Way finding for patients tick-white
Supports clinic outcomes

Savience in action

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