How Emergency Department Patient Triage Works

Savience systems connect, involve and engage. Reduced queues means less stress for patients and staff. The self-service kiosk is confidential, and provides the patient with clear instructions. Its easy-to-follow graphics allow the patient to answer questions configured by clinical teams to discover pain level, symptoms, and time in pain.

Staff can immediately review how urgently medical care is needed and record the patient’s visit. Triage can be completed quickly and efficiently on arrival, when the patient is given clear directions to the right waiting area.

Staff can see how many patients are waiting, and patients can see when they will be called for treatment.

Features / benefits

The data harvested from emergency departments is used to monitor clinic activity, help with financial reconciliation, and report on targets and waiting times. It’s also an invaluable tool for planning staff resources, future services, and to secure existing revenue streams.

  • Patient waiting time is reduced and they can be treated more effectively
  • Easy-to-follow graphics
  • Staff immediately review how urgently medical care is needed and record the patient’s visit
  • Faster triage means faster patient flow through the emergency department
  • Clear, at-a-glance information is provided quickly
  • Staff need only a minimal number of keystrokes to enter and retrieve vital patient information
  • Patient feedback can be used to build and improve emergency department services
  • Displays can be configured to show information about the hospital, other local health resources, and to promote healthy lifestyles
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