Savience Connect is an appointment integration platform that combines inputs from multiple hospital systems in a single screen. Connect provides a patient-centric view of appointment schedules that will help both your patients and staff.

Savience Connect integrates with multiple North American hospital systems such as Meditech, Cerner and Allscripts. In the UK NHS and Ireland, Connect is found as a key integrator within all of the hospital and community based appointment systems currently in use.

Connect automatically pulls in the most current information from EMRs, HIS/HERs, and PAS, making it easy for health professionals to quickly view any appointment that has been scheduled. Today and into the future.

Technically, Savience Connect supports HL7 messaging and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It adds up to a comprehensive solution for managing scheduling, tracking patient demographics, and displaying real-time appointment information.

Combining multiple system inputs, Connect joins all the dots of your healthcare provider’s appointment processes into one view.

But it’s not just one way.

Connect delivers updated data back to the originating system. Patient arrivals, demographic updates, clinic notes and examination results can all be uploaded into the patient record.

HL7 bi-directional messages are at the heart of many of our hospital deployments.

In North America, HL7 is used extensively with Meditech and Cerner, whilst in the NHS and Ireland, System-C, Lorenzo OPD, Cerner and iPMS have HL7 message flows. Support in Emergency departments is provided in Canada with HL7 links to eCTAS and in the NHS for the Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS).

Savience Connect has evolved into a fully functioning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, with multiple integrations to top medical systems including Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, Clinicom and Lorenzo. Integration workflows for the industry’s most common medical systems are included in the platform, which can be extended to custom interfaces or existing applications.

Savience Connect is supported by an experienced team of system integration experts and can be customized to include new functionality as it becomes available. Savience Connect was built with a design that allows for additional functionality to be added as it becomes available, providing flexibility and scalability.

The best part about Savience Connect is that it is customizable to be the perfect fit for your hospital. No two hospitals are alike, so our product team has taken care to provide flexibility — just like our users do. We make it easy to install and reconfigure Savience Connect and keep up with the latest updates.

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