Recovery and restart 

The Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented and has brought about a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is delivered.

Outpatient and ambulatory care departments face the twin challenge of running newly re-designed services whilst also addressing the mounting patient backlog.

Social distancing patient flow

Outpatients and ambulatory care tend to be the busiest departments in a hospital and combating Covid-19 means ensuring strict social distancing policies are adhered to in often ill-equipped hospital surroundings.

Savience Convey manages the entire patient flow, from online check-in to arrival and treatment at the hospital. By supporting Virtual Wait Areas, e.g. parking lots, Savience Convey enables hospitals to provide and manage a controlled environment where patients can wait in safety.

Integration and a shared platform

Clarity, the Savience patient flow solution, integrates with a hospital’s patient appointment management system, has full knowledge of all current and future patient appointments 

Convey enables patients to manage their appointments online and to respond to any key questions relating to Covid or infection control that the hospital needs to ask Convey completes the patient’s pre arrival or registration process and updates their status, and this information in Savience Clarity.

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Smart geolocation, contact-less check-in

Savience Convey supports geofences. With location services enabled on a smartphone, a patient’s arrival within any of the designated locations will trigger messaging back to Clarity to complete the arrival process. This can be fully automated.

Alternatively you may wish to provide check-in via an Arrival Point. These static displays allow patients to scan a QR code to complete their check-in. Once checked-in patients receive notifications to their phone including real time waiting time updates and a call number. 

Clinic staff can message patients when they are ready to be seen.

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Mobile Check-in Workflow

1. Patients with upcoming appointments are sent invitations to register with Convey by text or email
2. Patients receive alerts when there are new Convey updates e.g. a new outpatient appointment
3. Patients confirm their attendance in Convey, and later are sent a text or email with details of where to wait before their appointment e.g. a hospital parking lot

There are now 2 possible options:

4. Automatic or Arrival Point check-in
Patients proceed to a designated location, cross the geofence, and upon opening the Convey app are automatically checked in. Alternatively, patients can scan themselves in at an Arrival Point using their phone’s camera and a QR code
5. Patient is checked-in
After checking in patients are provided with a call number, wayfinding information and real-time clinic wait times

Mobile Check-in Video

Features of Mobile Check-in


Ease of use

Socially distanced

Notifications and Reminders

Patient friendly


The Savience Covid Mobile Check-in Product Sheet

The Covid-19 crisis has precipitated a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery.

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