Fast-tracked improvements to patient flow with our online patient booking system

Self-appointment booking made easy
The requirement for appointment-only Covid-19 testing presented a valuable opportunity to improve online appointment booking opportunities for medical and health facilities.

Our Online Patient Booking System can be used within any medical facility to improve patient flow, enhance efficiency and extend patient choice.

How Our Online Patient Booking System Works

Savience Online Patient Booking System enables members of the public to book appointments for a wide range of clinics and medical facilities online via their mobile phone or any internet connected device. It removes the need for handwritten data collection… completely. Accurate patient details are gathered and stored at the point of booking. The user can then easily manage their appointment e.g., to check their schedule or cancel it, by simply logging in and making changes for themselves.

Data from the booking forms automatically updates both Clarity, the Savience system which links to the facilities system, and the hospital’s background patient management system itself . Clinical and registration teams can see who has booked and why they are requesting an appointment.

Whether the appointment is for scheduled or unscheduled care, a face to face appointment or a virtual consultation, Savience online patient booking system provides patient choice and becomes a key element in the hospital restart strategy.

Savience Online Booking 
The online booking solution:

  • Can be accessed via mobile phone or other internet connected device
  • Connects with Convey and Clarity for full patient flow management 
  • Is accessible online 24/7

How to book an Appointment Using our Online Patient Booking System:

Booking an appointment; easy to use and totally secure

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3… No phone calls. No handwritten forms. No dedicated personnel required to make and manage the appointment.

The patient registers their information to create an account and then starts the process to book an appointment at the hospital or facility they wish to attend. 

They are asked to confirm whether it’s for themselves only, or their family. Relevant personal information is collected for each attendee, and they are then given the time slot options available. 

Once booked, their appointment details are confirmed. If they need to cancel or amend their appointment, they can simply log in and make the necessary changes.

Benefits of Our Online Patient Booking System

Our system offers many benefits when compared with traditional booking systems.

The most prominent benefits are:

  • The system can be accessed via mobile phone or other internet connected device making it easy for patients
  • Connects with Convey and Clarity for full patient flow management 
  • Is accessible online 24/7
  • Ensures accurate data is collected from the patient
  • Saves valuable time and resources

User-friendly appointment management through Convey

Appointment details collected through Online Booking are processed seamlessly via Convey and Clarity

Convey enables patients to manage their appointments online and respond to any questions relating to their booking that the facility needs to ask. The whole process from booking, to check-in, to arrival, to clinic administration is managed through Savience connected applications – Online Booking, Convey, and Clarity.

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Features of Online Booking Service

Patient focused

Better experience

Ease of use

Linked to Reminders

Any web device

The Savience Covid Test Scheduling Product Sheet

Fast-tracked improvements to patient flow in the testing process

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Savience in action

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