Savience is widely regarded as a leader in self-service, check-in technology that is shown to cut queues in outpatients, reduce pressure on staff and improve the patient experience.

But this is only half the story. Its technology goes a lot deeper to provide a complete solution for actively managing the entire appointment process and delivering real value to patients and healthcare organisations alike.

The digital patient journey starts here

Savience’s business is about the digital transformation of healthcare; the profound transformation of business and organisational activities and processes using tried and tested digital technologies.

New digital processes offer an enormous opportunity to deliver a step change and a fundamental shift in focus from purely volumes to value. Optimising the patient experience, creating operational flexibility and an agile organisation able to continually adapt efficiently to sharp fluctuations in demand are paramount, but attainable.

Healthcare is at a crossroads with greater demand on fewer resources. Embracing transformational change offers measurable improvements in efficiencies to maximise resources and save vital cash.

Digital technology is the connective tissue of a modern healthcare system that helps create genuinely transformative change.

Explore the steps below to find out how our solutions carve a path on the digital patient journey.

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Savience digital transformation step 1

Patients can sign up to receive electronic communications by registering with the App, by text, or in person at a hospital kiosk.

Savience digital transformation step 2

Receive appointment letters electronically and be notified by text that there is an update.

Savience digital transformation step 3

Mobile communications enable patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment and also update their demographic information.

Savience digital transformation step 4

Don’t miss an appointment! Reminders are sent by text, email, voice or by App and Portal notifications.

Savience digital transformation step 5

Save valuable time at the hospital by sending pre-appointment advice and information e.g. pre-assessment questionnaires relating to an upcoming appointment. Complete forms online at home before your visit.

Savience digital transformation step 6

Patients can communicate with their clinical team through the App or messaging centre.

Savience digital transformation step 7

At the hospital, the patient checks-in using an App generated barcode - or can use the self-service kiosk.

Savience digital transformation step 8

The patient is presented with wayfinding information.

Savience digital transformation step 9

Call patients for their appointment via messaging on TV screens or by a text alert.

Savience digital transformation step 10

Use the waiting area TVs to display pertinent health advice and information.

Savience digital transformation step 11

The clinical team can follow up and monitor the patient’s progress, send test results, other clinical correspondence and continue to provide support.

Savience digital transformation step 12

The hospital can follow up with the patient and provide surveys and questionnaires e.g. Friends and Family Test.

Business intelligence

Patient data, captured automatically as a by-product of the appointment process, is a valuable asset in informing clinical and business decisions that help transform processes and underpin real change.

Savience in action

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