Capacity Room Booking

Booking rooms for outpatient clinics is infinitely easier with Savience’s Capacity module, an intelligent, web-based booking system. An invaluable asset for clinic management, it helps narrow the search to prevent double-bookings and rooms that are unsuitable or not properly equipped.

Rooms in a particular zone or area are booked against a specific clinic and/or consultant code, with the option for repeat bookings.

Each room is tagged with a list of the equipment available, with the option to add mobile equipment, to find the best setting for each clinic. Any requests for reception and nursing support can also be added.

There is no limit to the number of locations, zones, rooms, clinics, consultants or users that can be added to provide a department or hospital wide booking system.

Another feature of Capacity is the view of free space across the organisation. Filters can be set for the minimum free spare time and whether a morning or afternoon session is required.

Bookings are colour-coded red, green and amber, for pending approval, to give an instant view of room availability and easily spot any free rooms in green.

Users can browse the bookings calendar or search for specific free rooms. They can tailor their view of the overall bookings plan to a single room or zone or location. Depending on their level of access the user may also be able to amend and or cancel bookings.

The module is completely flexible, so options are easily tailored to suit any clinic, department or hospital.

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