Clinical outcome forms

Outpatient clinics account for around 18% of the total income for the average NHS trust, so capturing this information for commissioners and subsequent payment is vital.

But some estimates suggest that as much as 10% of this total is lost due to antiquated paper forms that are incomplete or lost.

An electronic solution, on the other hand, is less disruptive and more accurate. Data capture becomes a by-product of the consultation not an extra burden on the clinician or patient.

The impact of our Electronic Clinic Outcome Forms (eCOF) is instant. Form completion jump to 100%, resulting in substantial savings in administration, improved accuracy and increased revenue as NHS trusts are able to claim their full entitlement.

Forms are presented electronically at the end of a consultation, but the whole process is completed with just a few clicks from coded drop-down boxes so does not hinder or delay the clinician.

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