Clarity Dashboards

Activity reporting of outpatient appointments is essential, especially to inform decisions over future resourcing and investment. But an obvious drawback is that results are rarely available in time to rescue the situation, but only identify to the root cause for next time.

Clarity Dashboards is a real-time reporting tool, giving clinicians and managers an instant picture of exactly what is happening across their areas of responsibility and hospital as a whole.

Being able to monitor performance minute-by-minute helps identify holds ups and pressure points and so take action before the situation deteriorates.

A whole range of data can be examined such as clinics that started late, queues for specific services such as x-ray, missing patients, did-not-attends, and current workloads and blockages, especially that are preventing patients from leaving.

Each of these elements is known as a gadget. There are a host of standard gadgets, but others can be easily developed for site specific needs or for a particular specialty. Gadgets are stored and shared across the hospital or trust.

Importantly, information can be displayed in a number of ways, whether as detailed lists or in a graphical format, to suit the individual or particular discipline. The end result is the same, real-time information to make timely decisions.

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