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Savience’s Digital Letters solution is a low cost alternative to traditional print and post with the potential to halve the costs of hospital appointment letters.

Digital Letters is a natural extension of the company’s product set for appointment management. These provide a digital pathway to guide and smooth the entire health journey not only for patients, but also for doctors, nurses and other care staff.

With Savience’s Digital Letters, appointment letters are sent directly to a patient’s smartphone, tablet or laptop, avoiding the printing, admin and postage costs and inherent delay.

It’s instant, 100% reliable and can be tracked. If the letter has not been opened after a certain time or after a reminder, then a copy can be posted.

Potential savings enormous

According to press reports, the technology is helping reduce DNA rates by 4-5%, which is a sizeable saving with missed appointments costing the NHS £160 a time.

Printing costs at Barnsley Hospital are said to have been halved since introducing a digital alternative, while East Lancashire claims the cost of appointment letters has been cut by 51%.

If that is the case, the potential savings across the NHS as a whole are enormous.

It’s reckoned UK hospitals send an average of one million appointment letters a year, which is a huge administrative overhead and cost, so even small reductions can deliver sizeable savings.

With around 100 million outpatient appointments a year, it’s clear there is huge opportunity for digital technology to help reduce pressure on outpatient services, improve patient experience, and save vital NHS cash and resources.

Clarity is key

What sets Savience apart is its Clarity integration engine and patient and appointment database. This gives up-to-the-minute appointment details, instantly reflecting updates from the PAS, kiosks, appointment apps and portal.

Clarity avoids the massive integration project required to hardwire new digital applications into existing IT infrastructure. It also avoids the associated project costs, inevitable delay, and risk.

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