Patient Portal

Patient portals are near universal. No longer a ‘nice to have’, they are fast becoming a necessity for healthcare organisations in a drive to get patients involved and informed about their health.

Organisations report significant benefits. Top of the list is a reduction in the number of missed appointments, largely because patients are sent reminders and providers have current contact details. Improvements in patient engagement is generally a close second with portals allowing patients to actively manage appointments and take ownership of their care and wellbeing.

Accessible on any PC, tablet or smartphone, our Patient Portal gives patients the tools to actively manage appointments. They can check in, cancel or reschedule appointments, amend demographics and read and reply to messages. And for the organisation, it’s the perfect platform to set questionnaires and conduct short surveys giving them vital feedback on a wide range of topics.

Research shows the more health data patients own, the more they take ownership of their health and are better prepared to interact with their providers.

The technology is also a major driver of patient loyalty, with portals becoming a shop window for healthcare organisations giving patients the right perception and confidence in its people and services.

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