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Under a programme of continuous innovation and improvement , the Clarity Reminders Portal offers the ability to track responses to appointment reminders, but now also to reply to patients in appropriate cases.

Automated reminder services are commonplace as they’re shown to reduce the number of missed appointments, saving money and in some cases giving hospitals the option to fill the vacant slot.

With Savience’s Reminder Service, patients are sent emails, texts or voice messages, according to their preference. Fully integrated with the patient administration or hospital system and Clarity database, reminders are sent automatically at predetermined times.

Patient responses to emails and text reminders are collated for staff to monitor and action any cancellations. They can now respond to messages to reschedule appointments, gather more information and importantly inform the particular clinic to reassign resources or offer the appointment to another patient.

This level of communication is vital in actively managing appointments to maximise resources and finances. 

Find out more about our Reminder Service here.

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