Report Generator

Reports are essential for a deeper understanding of performance to inform business decisions and avoid problems reoccurring.

Clarity provides a full set of reports and outputs, focused around appointments, and all directly from the Clarity database. The data can be sliced and diced in a number of ways to drill down to precise detail, with full flexibility over which appointments are included in reports, the data fields and the sequence in which the report is produced.

It offers a high level of detail. For example, a hospital might examine the delay between a patient’s appointment and the time they were called into the clinic room on a particular day. Reports based on clinical codes would then give each department vital information to investigate the reasons for the delays and so plan accordingly to prevent a repeat.

Reports can be refined and run repeatedly and viewed directly the Report Generator website, with the option to export the data to Word, Excel or as a PDF.

Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically with results emailed to a user-defined lists of recipients.

The system stores the results of the report every time it is run. Over time, the process becomes more and more automated as hospitals build up a library of standard report ‘templates’.

There are three elements to designing a report:

What appointments are of interest?

  • Just yesterday?
  • All of next month?
  • All those tomorrow with fracture?
  • All those children seen last week?

What do you wish to see on the report?

  • Patient name?
  • Appointment date?
  • Clinic code?
  • Time called to room?
  • Patient Marital Status

In what order should we display the report?

  • By clinic code?
  • By appointment date within clinic code?
  • By delay time within clinic code?
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