With COVID-19 measures easing, hospitals are refocusing on improving patient flow experiences in their outpatient and scheduled care departments.

The pandemic had devastating effects, but it did lead to increased adoption and acceptance of technology in healthcare.

In response to customer needs, Savience developed and delivered Convey, a mobile check-in app, an online booking system, and virtual care solutions. Before this, Savience was supporting healthcare providers with tried and tested technologies to improve the patient experience and increase efficiencies in busy departments.

Our self-check-in and patient calling solution, powered by the Clarity patient flow engine, has been the foundation for numerous outpatient departments in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Savience sees the future as an exciting fusion of their existing solutions and those yet to come, offering patients a choice of using an app, kiosk, or both when checking in and becoming more involved in their healthcare management.

Hospitals can provide staff with better understanding, management, and communication with their patient cohorts.

The following is a high-level overview of a potential patient flow using Savience solutions.

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Savience in action

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