Interact with patients by providing real-time updates on clinic wait times, current health messages, and hospital announcements. Employ audio-visual alerts to efficiently notify patients when it’s time to proceed to their clinic room.

Patient calling provides…Benefits
Audio and visual notifications for patients’ appointmentsPatients are alerted, by the clinic staff using Clarity, when they are ready to be seen. This is a combination of an on-screen prompt and a visual call-out using a unique call number.
Real-time clinic waiting timesIndividual clinic waiting times, fed by the Clarity patient tracker, are displayed, and updated in real-time.
Patient entertainment and information displayTypically deployed on large format plasma TVs, Clarion can display live TV, videos, or patient education or information resources.

Using a patient call display system in a hospital waiting area can provide several benefits, including:

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Improved communication: A patient call display system enhances communication between hospital staff and patients. It ensures that patients are promptly and clearly notified when their turn arrives, reducing confusion and minimising the chances of missed appointments or delays.

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Reduced anxiety and stress: Waiting in a hospital can be a source of anxiety for patients and their families. A patient call display system helps alleviate this stress by providing a clear and visible method of announcing when their appointment or service is ready, keeping patients informed and engaged.

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Privacy and confidentiality: Patient call display systems can use coded or anonymous identification numbers rather than displaying patient names. This protects patient privacy and confidentiality, as sensitive information is not publicly broadcasted in the waiting area.

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Efficient patient flow: By displaying patient numbers or identifiers, the call display system helps maintain a smooth and organised patient flow. It enables staff to efficiently manage the order in which patients are called, ensuring a more streamlined and equitable waiting experience.

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Time management: Patient call display systems assist in optimising the use of healthcare resources and staff time. By reducing waiting times and improving patient flow, hospitals can effectively manage their schedules, enhance productivity, and minimise delays in service delivery.

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Multilingual support: Modern patient call display systems often have multilingual capabilities. They can display call notifications in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication with patients who have different language preferences or may not be fluent in the local language.

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Accessibility features: Patient call display systems can be designed to accommodate individuals with visual or hearing impairments. For example, they may include visual cues such as flashing lights or adjustable font sizes to aid those with visual challenges. Additionally, systems can integrate with assistive devices, such as hearing loop systems, to enhance communication accessibility.

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Flexibility and adaptability: Depending on the hospital’s needs, patient call display systems can be configured to accommodate various settings and departments. They can be tailored to different waiting areas, clinics, or specialties, allowing for efficient management of different patient flows within the hospital.

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Staff efficiency: With a patient call display system, hospital staff can focus on their primary responsibilities rather than spending excessive time locating and notifying patients individually. This enhances staff efficiency and allows them to allocate their time and skills to other critical tasks.

Overall, a patient call display system in a hospital waiting area helps improve communication, patient experience, and operational efficiency, creating a more organised and patient-centered environment.

Example of a Clarion screen showing waiting times and live TV
Example Clarion screen with patient calling overlaying live TV

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