Expand patient engagement beyond the confines of the hospital with the help of smartphones and mobile apps. These digital tools involve and inform patients, enabling them to stay connected with their healthcare providers even when they’re not physically present in the hospital.

The Convey mobile app gives patients the option toBenefits
View and manage upcoming appointmentsConvey notifies patients when they have a new or amended appointment.

Convey lists a defined set of future appointments including location, date, and time.

Cancel or Reschedule – against each appointment, patients have the ability to request it is cancelled or rescheduled. These can be actioned by the hospital booking team via a screen within Clarity.

Patients can confirm their intention to attend, whilst also being able to respond to questions, such as ILI screening. These responses and the patient’s status are reflected in Clarity.
View and update demographic detailsThe Profile tab within the app gives patients the ability to view and update their demographic information. This can also be offered as part of the appointment confirmation process.

Any updates made by the patient in the app are integrated back into the hospital’s booking system.
Check-in for appointments using location services or via QR codesPatients can check-in for their appointment(s) via the Convey app in several ways:

Using the handset’s location services – when the patient is within a pre-defined area, for example the hospital campus, they can check-in simply by opening the app.

The next option is to tap the “Check-in” button. This opens the phone’s camera so the patient can scan a QR code, which checks the patient in for their appointment.

The third method also uses a QR code, but in this scenario the code is generated on the phone by the patient tapping the “Barcode” button. This is then presented to a barcode reader to perform the check-in.

Using any of the above methods updates the Clarity tracker for the benefit of the clinic staff.
Access patient call number, directions, and other clinic related informationThrough the Convey app, patients are able to access their call number, directions to the clinic area and specific treatment preparation advice.

Using a mobile app for appointment check-in at a hospital can provide several benefits, including:

Online Check-in

Convenience: Mobile apps allow patients to check in for their appointments from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go. They can avoid long queues or waiting times at the hospital registration desk, saving them valuable time.

Online Check-in

Time efficiency: With a mobile check-in app, patients can complete the check-in process quickly and efficiently. They can provide necessary information, update personal details, and sign consent forms beforehand, reducing the administrative tasks required during the in-person check-in.

Online Check-in

Improved accuracy: By entering their information directly into the app, patients can ensure that their details are accurately recorded. This reduces the risk of errors or misunderstandings that can occur with manual data entry.

Online Check-in

Real-time updates: Mobile apps can provide patients with real-time notifications, updates, and reminders about their appointments. They can receive alerts about any changes to their appointment time, location, or other relevant information, keeping them well-informed and reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.

Online Check-in

Access to information: Mobile apps can provide patients with access to important information about their upcoming appointment, such as pre-appointment instructions, required documents, or specific preparations. This ensures that patients are adequately prepared and can follow any necessary guidelines.

Online Check-in

Integration with personal calendars: Many mobile apps allow patients to sync their appointment details with their personal calendars, ensuring that they have a clear reminder and can easily manage their schedule.

Online Check-in

Reduced paperwork: Mobile check-in apps can minimise the need for physical paperwork by allowing patients to digitally complete forms, sign documents, and provide consent electronically. This reduces the administrative burden on both patients and hospital staff.

Online Check-in

Contactless experience: Mobile apps can contribute to a contactless check-in experience, particularly important during times of public health concerns or outbreaks. Patients can avoid physical touch-points, reducing the risk of transmission of diseases.

Online Check-in

Enhanced communication: Mobile apps can facilitate direct communication between patients and healthcare providers, enabling them to ask questions, clarify concerns, or request additional information related to their appointment.

Online Check-in

Personalised experience: Mobile apps can offer personalised features and functionalities based on the specific needs and preferences of patients. They can provide tailored information, educational resources, or post-appointment follow-up instructions.

It’s worth noting that the successful implementation of a mobile check-in app requires ensuring accessibility for all patients, including those with limited technological literacy or physical impairments. Additionally, appropriate security measures should be in place to protect patient data and ensure privacy.

An arrival point check-in screen
An arrival point check-in screen
Convey app showing check-in options
Convey app showing check-in options
Convey barcode check-in screen
Convey barcode check-in screen

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