Automated reminders of appointments and deliveries are now ubiquitous, chiefly because they work.

A text or email reminder of an appointment reduces the number of no shows so saves money. Early warning of a cancellation gives hospitals time to reorganise and reassign resources or fill the vacant slot so reducing waiting lists.

The main reason patients miss appointments is they simply forget. A reminder in the days before is generally appreciated. It saves the patient the embarrassment of missing an appointment and serves as a reminder to make arrangements to attend. Good communication is pivotal in the relationship with patients.

With Savience’s Reminder Service, patients are sent emails, texts or voice messages, according to their preference. Fully integrated with the patient administration of hospital system and Clarity database, reminders are sent automatically at predetermined times.

Messaging and Reminders are a key component of Convey, the Savience Mobile Check-in App. As hospitals seek to safely manage patient flows into hospital, the combination of Savience Messaging, Reminders and Convey becomes a crucial component in the restarting of appointment services.

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But it doesn’t end there. Clarity delivers a new level of communication by collating patient responses to emails and SMS messages. The Clarity Patient Responses module displays details of any patient’s request to cancel or reschedule their appointment.

Clarity Patient Responses

This tailored view within Clarity enables patient responses to be tracked and queries answered.

Patient responses to emails and text reminders are collated for staff to monitor and action any cancellations. They can now respond to messages to reschedule appointments, gather more information and importantly inform the particular clinic to reassign resources or offer the appointment to another patient.

Another key asset in actively managing appointments to maximise resources and finances.

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Features of The Reminder Service

Email/SMS and voice

Triggered automatically from Clarity

Powerful, flexible configurator

Patient friendly

Reduces No Shows and DNA rates

The Savience Reminder Service Product Sheet

The Savience Reminder Service allows the Clarity system to send email, SMS or voice messages to prompt patients of any of their upcoming appointments. It is fully integrated into both the incoming EMR data feed and the Clarity database.

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Savience in action

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