Savience provides custom reporting and analytics solutions to healthcare organisations, helping them to improve their performance.

Savience’s Reporting and Analytics suite supports management decision making by delivering powerful reporting and analytics solutions that provide a better understanding of departmental and hospital wide performance. Management is provided with the information necessary to monitor, measure, evaluate, analyze, improve, control and operate their facilities in a more efficient manner.

The reporting module is designed to be simple and easy to use. All data within the system is accessible instantly via SQL database queries, this enables all industry reporting tools to be used with the Savience data. Real-time dashboards are available to take a snapshot of live information in an instant.

The tools allow organisations to plan for, track, measure and manage performance. Information is available by department or hospital wide. Savience can provide custom reports from the data dictionary and can be used with industry standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and Cognos.

Our reporting and analytics tools enable you to visualise and leverage the data to support informed decision making. We offer a complete range of standard reports, real-time dashboards that provide at-a-glance views of system performance, plus many more powerful features.

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There are three elements to designing a report:

What appointments are of interest?

  • Just yesterday?
  • All of next month?
  • All those tomorrow with fracture?
  • All those children seen last week?

What do you wish to see on the report?

  • Patient name?
  • Appointment date?
  • Clinic code?
  • Time called to room?
  • Patient Marital Status

In what order should we display the report?

  • By clinic code?
  • By appointment date within clinic code?
  • By delay time within clinic code?

Features of Reporting

Realtime dashboards Plus, weekly reports

SQL database supports all industry reporting tools

Wide range of standard reports

Custom reporting from the data dictionary

Analysis of departmental and hospital wide performance

Savience in action

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