The hospital is changing and virtual healthcare systems are now available for medical facilities.

Virtual Health care includes the use of Video Conferencing Technology which provides an opportunity to change how patient appointments are undertaken. Online booking systems provide patients with the ability to schedule their own appointments.

Savience Virtual Care supports both initiatives in one seamless solution by incorporating 3 existing modules, Booking, Forms and CareExpress into their Clarity dashboard.

The integration supports a demand to conduct virtual consultations in both Emergency and Scheduled care clinics.

About Our Virtual Healthcare System

Savience’s Virtual Healthcare System is a web-based solution that enables clinicians to conduct virtual consultations with their patients. The module will link to any video conferencing platform and offers the following key features:

  • Eligibility and pre-qualification
  • Appointment booking
  • Secure PIN enrolment
  • The ability to start, stop, and pause an appointment
  • A virtual waiting room
  • Chat functionality
  • Scheduling of follow-up appointments


Virtual Healthcare for unscheduled care

Savience’s Virtual Healthcare System enables a hospital to deploy online patient self-service via their public website for prequalification process. Savience Forms collect demographic and clinical data and assess eligibility. Access to Savience Booking is open to any patient meeting the pre-qualification criteria. By selecting a slot, patients can book an appointment and get an automated SMS confirmation.

Virtual Healthcare for scheduled care

Clinics know in advance who is booked for an appointment. If a Savience Virtual Healthcare System has been implemented, a simple marker against the appointment on the hospital information system confirming VC eligibility is all that is needed. Once this marker is made and the appointment received in Clarity (the Savience system), the patient is automatically sent the onboarding information and the associated SMS reminders.


Virtual Healthcare Systems for consultations

Once an appointment is made, reminders and onboarding help for patients is automatically triggered. For the registration team, its easy. No more chasing cell phone numbers and arranging dates. For patients, the process is seamless, supported and easy to follow.

The underlying Clarity dashboard in use by the clinician provides a real time display of all patients who have registered and their status in the waiting room.

And for the clinician, it’s simple. One click and the consultation is instigated. When they have finished, there is the option for clinic notes to be written and full integration of the patient data, and clinic outcome to be sent by HL7 back to the patient EMR.

In Canada and the NHS, Savience Virtual Care is being used in Emergency Clinics, Scheduled Care Clinics and Long-Term Care facilities.

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Features of our Virtual Healthcare System

Virtual healthcare system arrow

Reduces pressure on hospital backlog

Virtual healthcare system flexibility

Provides flexibility for patients

Virtual healthcare system emerging

Makes use of emerging and commonplace technologies

Virtual healthcare system patient

Full patient and Clinician support

Virtual healthcare system waiting

Used in scheduled and unscheduled care


Savience in action

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