Savience has seen a surge in demand for its Virtual Consultations module as hospitals react to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

The Virtual Consultations module gives hospitals the ability to quickly and securely conduct video consultations with patients with user-friendly, everyday technology.

Savience is in a unique position due to our:

  • PAS/EPR integration experience
  • Knowledge of handling real-time appointment data and
  • Large and diverse hospital customer footprint.

The virtual consultation module provides:

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Scale – ready to roll out to a large number of clinicians, built on proven technology platforms
  • Flexible working, including remote access for clinicians
  • Simplicity – clinicians need only a webcam, and patients simply require a smartphone or tablet
  • An at a glance clinic status – highlights the appointment type e.g. video, phone, or face to face.
  • Smart workflow – integrates with specialty specific electronic outcome forms.

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Features of Virtual Consultations

Online Check-in

No need for additional software or hardware

Updated in real time from the PAS, the Clarity dashboard logs all appointment updates, cancellations and amendments. It shows the patients who have appointments and importantly, those that will be taking part in a virtual consultation.

Clinicians are able to initiate video appointment calls directly from within the existing Savience Clarity dashboard.


Minimal change to existing process

The adoption of virtual consultations makes little or no difference to the established ways of working. It uses the same screens and same process, but simply has additional dashboard icons. These icons will indicate if the patient is being seen face to face, on a telephone call or in a virtual tele-consultation.

Same Clarity. Same software. Proven, scalable and currently deployed. Robust.


Ease of use is essential for patients

Patients are notified of upcoming appointments by SMS or email alerts. We employ familiar, proven mobile apps. The patient experience is extremely clear and simple.


Tracking virtual patients

By clicking the link in the invite, the patient’s status on the Clarity dashboard changes from Awaited to Online, showing the clinician that the patient is now ready in the virtual waiting room.


During the consultation

The consultation is initiated by simply clicking on the video call icon next to the patient’s name in Clarity.

When the consultation is finished, the clinician closes the video window, writes up the relevant notes, completes any necessary clinic outcome form before moving to the next patient.


Savience in action

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